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Home Information FAQ FAQ-Is EMOTI Talking-Pen easily damaged?
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FAQ-Is EMOTI Talking-Pen easily damaged?

The latest EMOTI Talking-Pen model (E9000+) adds silicone cushion into the design, which enahances the protection of both the scanning head and PCB. EMOTI Talking-Pen can sustain drops from 100cm high for up to 100 times.

It comes with 1 year local warranty. We will repair it for free so long there is no obvious crack. For more information about warranty, please check the FQA-Warranty.


最新型号的EMOTI Talking-Pen 加入了硅胶保护工艺, 加强了扫描头和PCB的耐摔性能。它可以承受从1米的高度掉下100次。

EMOTI Pte Ltd 为点读笔提供1年的保修服务。保修期内,只要外表没有明显的人为破损或进水, 本公司将提供免费维修。具体的保修条款请参见常见问题-保修服务。