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Home Information FAQ FAQ-Why my Talking-Pen does not read book?
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FAQ-Why my Talking-Pen does not read book?

Symptom 1: Talking-Pen cannot be powered up. The LED light is on for a few seconds, and then off. The prompt "Welcome to EMOTI Audio World." is not played or partially played.

Causes and Solutions: Mostlikely the battery is flat. Please charge the battery for at least 30 minutes and try again. Make sure the chager and USB cable is good (you may chage the Talking-Pen using USB port from computer). If problem persists, please bring to EMOTI Office for repair. The address is here.

Symptom 2: Talking-Pen can power up, without prompt "Welcome to EMOTI Audio World.", but LEDs are blinking.

Causes: Mostlikely the Talking-Pen is in hang state. As there is not a hard switch to turn on and off the Talking-Pen, it may hang after running for a few months. Another reason could be the free memory of Talking-Pen is too little.

Solution: Please RESET the Talking-Pen using a paper clip. The RESET hole is just below the power button. Check the free memory in the Talking-Pen (right-click on the drive letter of Talking-Pen, and click on Properties). Make sure there is at least 200MB free space in the Talking-Pen drive, as it's needed for some Talking-Pen feature, such as recording, read and follow, etc.

Symptom 3: Talking-Pen reads something totally different from the book content.

Causes and Solutions: Please allow Talking-Pen to select the book by tapping the audio logo on the book cover..

Symptom 4: Talking-Pen can power up, with prompt "Welcome to EMOTI Audio World.", but when pointing onto the book cover, nothing happens.

Causes: Mostlikely the scanning head is offset when dropping to ground, or hitting to hard on hard surface.

Solution: Please bring it to EMOTI Office for repair. The address is here.