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Frequently Asked Questions about EMOTI Talking-Pen
How to Choose Talking-Pen

Talking-Pen for audible books are the main application area since the improved optical identification technology is available in 2007. There are many brands of Talking-Pen around the world. Some Talking-Pens are sold in Singapore market through unofficial channel, such as online forum. In this article we are highlighting a few simple facts when choosing a Talking-Pen.

Point 1: The Available Books That Work With Talking-Pen

With availability of optical scanning head in PCB module, many companies can assemble Talking-Pen with a relative small investment. The main bottleneck is the audible books, which needs to be specially coded and printed. Negotiation of copy rights, creation of audio recording and inventory of printed books, all these will inccur high cost and time. As a result, many small Talking-Pen companies have very limited number of books, or don't create audible books at all. They may even use publicly available books. It is an interesting phenimenon that many Talking-Pens work with same sets of books. Such Talking-Pens are available in Singapore market already.

EMOTI Pte Ltd works with China's No.1 Talking-Pen supplier (more than half of the market share in China), who has the largest creation of audible book. On top of this, EMOTI Pte Ltd also works with Singapore's local publisher to create audible books.


Point 2: The Hardware Design and Quality

Talking-Pen is mainly to be used by young children. For parents, following aspects should be considered:

  • Safe. The materials must be safe. No removable parts.
  • Attractive. The Talking-Pen must be attractive to yound children; otherwise they may not use it.
  • Durable. The young children may knock and drop the Talking-Pen. The Talking-Pen's scanning head is such a senstive and precise module.It needs special protection.
  • Built-in memory & Memory Extension: This relates to the amount of audio books that can be loaded a time.

EMOTI Talking-Pen and accessories are certified by with FC/CE/RoHS/CCC/Singapore Safety Mark (details). It is safe for children. It features adorable cartoon design, which is attractive to children. It is the only Talking-Pen with dual speaker in Singapore market as of now. The latest E9000+ model has internal silicon cushion all over the internal components. It can sustain fallings from 100 centimeter height, up to 100 times (details). It is surely durable. It has a 4GB internal memory (store up to 50 books), and memory extension (microSD up to 16GB).

Point 3: The Local Support and Warranty

Consider following local support.

  • Sales Channel. Where can you buy the product, books and accessories.
  • Product Support. Release of new books, downloading of data file for new audible books.
  • Local Warranty. How and where to get product serviced.

EMOTI Talking-Pen is available in some of Popular Book Store outlet and a few other children book stores. Click here for the list. Customer can also choose to purchase online. Audio files for every book are available for download on our website for free, which is hosted on local Singapore server for fast access.

EMOTI Pte Ltd provides 12 month warranty for all Talking-Pen sold. Additional 1 month warranty is granted for for those who registered online. We have also provided repair service or trade-in option for Talking-Pens that are out of warranty for past 3 years.

Point 4: The Company & Future Development

Think about the company or person who are selling the Talking-Pen. Will they still be there to service your products after some time?

EMOTI Pte Ltd  was incorporated in Jun 2009, with the main business in Talking-Pen related area. We are actively working with local publishers to create more local contents for the Talking-Pen, as well as Apps for App Store. So far we have created following items in Singapore (Both Talking-Pen & iPad App version):

  • Pinyin Chart
  • Phonics Chart
  • Tots Can Read Chinese(4)

We are working on another few bilingual sets currently.



EMOTI Talking-Pen is the No.1 Talking-Pen in Singapore.It features an adorable cartoon design that is attractive to young children. It is durable with sillicone cushion to protect the scanning components and PCB. Local support is available where new books will be made available from time to time.It's a fun way to read.

Reading is the key to success. Help your child to start reading earlier!

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