Making Audible Books 有声图书制作

How does EMOTI Talking-Pen read the book? Is there any RF components embeded? Some parents are curious about the techlogy.

The audible books are a bit special that they have invisible barcode printed on every page. The barcodes are printed using high resolution printer so it is not obvious. If we look carefully, we could still see some small dots in the books. These dots form a special type of barcode. The Talking-Pen reads these barcode and plays a corresponding audio stored in a data file. 

The barcode is manually created at design phase. EMOTI provides service to add these barcodes for normal books. We also provide service for audio recording (for creation of data file for the book). Publisher can still use their own printing company as before, and we will provide necessary guidance. No special equipment is required to print the audible books.

Audible Notes (Sample)

Main Benefits of Audible Books

  • Enriching the reading experience by adding audio contents;
  • Allow young children to appreciate the contents;
  • Allow senior adults to read & learn;
  • Audible Notes can be printed using normal Laser Printers;
  • Little increase in printing cost

We also convert normal school or childcare teaching notes to be audible notes, which will then work with EMOTI Talking-Pen. These audible notes can be printed using normal laser printers. Please contact us for a free sample in PDF format.

有声图书使用了隐形码, 可被点读笔点读. 本公司提供有声图书制作, 以及语音录制等服务。客户可以使用自己的语音. 图书制作完成之后, 客户仍然可以自行安排印刷, 本公司将提供必要的指导. 具体合作模式请联系本公司。


  • 丰富图书内容, 让图书更加生动有趣, 易懂。
  • 让年幼的孩子.也能读懂。
  • 帮助老年人.读书和学习。
  • 有声笔记(使用普通激光打印机印刷)
  • 印刷成本和普通图书一样。 在有些情况下, 会略有增加。

由本公司特别制作, 可用普通激光打印机印刷的有声笔记。欢迎幼教中心/托儿所/学校联系我们,索取免费样本(PDF格式)以及印刷的步骤.



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