About Us

EMOTI Private Limited was incorporated in year 2009. We are a company providing various innovative educational instruments, with focus on preschool Chinese learning. Our aim is to help parents in their children's early education and to help children to learn in a fun and effective way.

Our main products are EMOTI Talking-Pen & related audible books. Over past ten years, we have sold more than 10000 sets of Talking-Pen in Singapore. With audible contents covering various learning aspects, our Talking-Pen will help young children to start reading earlier before they can recognize any Chinese character or word. Our products would encourage good reading habits in young children.

We also work with local publishers to create audible books. We have created 我会读 series audible book in early 2012. We are now working on a few new local titles. We will also convert some of these books to ebook for Apple iPad (App Store).

EMOTI helps your child start reading earlier!