How To Choose Talking-Pen (Things to Consider)

Since the improved optical identification technology was available in 2007, there were a few talking-pen brands introduced into Singapore. Some of them were being sold through unofficial channel, such as online forum. In this article we are highlighting a few consideration factors when buying a Talking-Pen for young children.

Consideration 1: Safe to Use

Talking-Pen is mainly to be used by young children. Safety is the most important factors. The materials must be safe. No removable parts.

EMOTI Talking-Pen is designed with minimum removal parts. It only consists a power button. It even has no volume keys. Volume adjustment can be achieved by tapping the volume control in printed books.

EMOTI Talking-Pen is certified with FC/CE/RoHS/CCC. The charger supplied is locally certified with Safety Mark. It is safe for children. Many other talking-pens are NOT certified, especially their chargers are not suitable for local usage.

Consideration 2: Attractive to Children

The Talking-Pen should be attractive to young children; otherwise they may not use it. 

EMOTI Talking-Pen features adorable cartoon design, which is attractive to children. It comes with dual speaker which offers load and clear audio.

Consideration 3: Hardware Quality

The Talking-Pen should be durable. Young children may knock and drop the Talking-Pen during their use. The Talking-Pen's scanning head is a sensitive and precise module. If the angle is misaligned, it will not be able to read book any more. It needs special protection.

New EMOTI Talking-Pen models has added silicon cushion around the scanning read to secure the parts' positions. It can sustain fallings from 100 centimeter height, up to 100 times. With such a design, it is more durable than other talking-pen models.


Consideration 4: Available Books

While it is relatively easy to make a talking-pen, it requires larger amount of investment and efforts to develop audible books. The audible books need to be manually edited to include the hidden barcode and then printed. Negotiation of copy rights, creation of audio recording and inventory of printed books, all these will incur high cost and efforts. As a result, many Talking-Pen comes with a limited number of books. 

EMOTI Pte Ltd works with China's No.1 Talking-Pen supplier (more than half of the market share in China), who has the largest creation of audible books. On top of this, EMOTI Pte Ltd also works with Singapore's local publisher to create audible books. With careful selection, EMOTI supplies about 50 sets of audible books (total more than 300 titles), and increasing.

Consideration 5: Local Support and Warranty

It is important the Talking-Pen should have local support, such as downloading of data file, buying additional books, warranty repair, etc. For some talking-pen sellers in Singapore, once sold, the seller would go MIA.

With EMOTI, the data files are locally hosted and download speed is guaranteed.

EMOTI Pte Ltd provides 12 month warranty for all Talking-Pen sold. Additional 3 month warranty is granted for for those LIKE us on Facebook. We have provided trade-in option for Talking-Pens that were many years ago.

We are actively working with local publishers to create more local contents for the Talking-Pen, as well as Apps for App Store. We have created a few local contents, such as Tots Can Read Chinese(4) [我会读-第四辑], and audible notes for some childcare centers.


EMOTI Talking-Pen is the No.1 Talking-Pen in Singapore. It features an adorable cartoon design that is attractive to young children. It is durable with silicone cushion to protect the scanning components and PCB. Local support is available where new books will be made available from time to time. It's a fun way to read.

Reading is the key to success. Help your child to start reading earlier!



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