SCCL Expert: It is best to start learning Chinese at age 3

A general consensus is that in order to develop a native accent easily, children should start learning Chinese before the age of 12. Dr. Liu from Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) suggested it was best to start learning Chinese at age 3. She further recommended to learn Chinese through interactive reading.  

We would like to highlight that interactive reading is a basic feature provided by EMOTI Talking-Pen. With help of EMOTI, young children can read the books and interact with the characters in the books.


新加坡华文教研中心高级讲师刘渼博士指出: 小孩3岁起学华文最好。文中指出: 通过互动式的阅读法,不但能够滋养孩子对阅读的兴趣,还能提高他的语言交际能力。“互动阅读”利用书中的文字或图片与孩子展开问答。比如阅读绘本时,家长可以根据图片问孩子"看到了什么",“故事人物发生了什么事”, “人物碰到的问题解决了吗”等开放式的问题。

互动阅读正是 EMOTI Talking-Pen 提供的基本功能之一。使用EMOTI Talking-Pen, 孩子可以在2-3岁就开始阅读, 即使不识字, 孩子也可以主动的学习 。