Frog 青蛙弗洛格的成长故事 (12 Titles)

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Frog 青蛙弗洛格的成长故事 (12 Titles)


By Max Velthuijs, English versions (not audible) are available on Amazon.

  • 法国Prix de Treize大奖
  • 荷兰Golden Pencil金画笔奖
  • 德国Bestlist Award大奖
  • 美国Graphic Award大奖
  • 当当终身级五星童书
  • 全球畅销逾千万

Please note this set of audible books are in Chinese only.



Total 12 Titles:
《我就是喜欢我》:学会对自己有信心  Frog is Frog
《特别的日子》:学会热爱生活 Frog and a Very Special Day
《找到一个好朋友》:学会珍惜友情 Frog Finds a Friend
《弗洛格找宝藏》:学会战胜困难 Frog and the Treasure
《弗洛格和陌生人》:学会接纳与自己不一样的人 Frog and the Stranger
《弗洛格吓坏了》:学会战胜恐惧 Frog Is Frightened
《鸟儿在歌唱》:学会珍爱生命 Frog and the Birdsong
《爱的奇妙滋味》:学会给予爱和接受爱 Frog In Love
《冬天里的弗洛格》:学会关爱别人 Frog in Winter
《难过的弗洛格》:学会让自己快乐 Frog is Sad
《弗洛格是个英雄》:学会助人和自助 Frog is a Hero
《弗洛格去旅行》:学会接触外面的世界 Frog and the Wide World


《Frog is Frog》

Frog is not content to be just a plain green frog, he wants to do the things his friends can do. He tries to fly like Duck, to bake cakes like Pig and to read like Hare. But all his attempts are doomed to failure, and Frog is disconsolate, until Hare points out that his friends love him just the way he is. And in any case, he can swim and leap better than any of them!

'Frog is an inspired creation - a masterpiece of graphic simplicity.' - Guardian


《Frog and the Birdsong》

One autumn day Frog discovers a blackbird lying motionless in the grass. Worried, he asks his friends what can be the matter. Very gently and simply, then animals begin to understand the meaning of death and the beauty of life in this moving story.