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New Technology, Environment Friendly and Safe

The ink used in Mopee Doodling Pen is extracted from natural plants, which conforms to China cosmetic standards. It has also passed SGS test and conforms to ASTMF963-03 (US) and EN71PART3 (Europe) safety standards. Even if children put the pen into mouth, it is safe.

Write Freely, Wipe Off Easily

The Mopee ink dissolves in water thoroughly. On impermeable surface (coated paper, wall or table), the writing can be wipe off easily with any wet cloth. On materials like clothes or bedsheets, the writing will disappear when it meets water (washing). If not wiped-off, the writing will disappear by itself after 2 - 4 days (dissolves in water in the air).

Long-Lasting and Economical

Each Mopee Doodling Pen may support more than 1 month of writing (depending on usage frequency). The re-usable Miaohong Book lasts even longer. The combination is more economical as compared to traditional handwriting practice books.

Safety Precautions

  • For children below 3 years old, please use under adult supervision.
  • Apply a little water on the square cloth erase to wipe off.
  • Recap after use.


绿色健康 无毒无害

领先科技 轻松擦洗
魔笔小良涂鸦笔墨水,采用国际领先“新型光敏水解技术”,可在任何无吸收性表面书写;字迹清晰, 无毒无害, 用布蘸水即可擦除。即使孩子在墙纸、衣服、床单甚至皮肤上随意涂写,只需用清水轻轻有擦,字迹立即消失,自然条件下两天左右可自动消褪。让您不必为孩子的随处涂鸦而烦恼。


3、涂鸦后,请盖紧笔帽 。

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