Audio Data File 语音文件

Every audible book has a corresponding audio data file(with file extention .bnl). The file must be loaded into EMOTI Talking-Pen root directory for it to work with that book.

Most of the audio files are already preloaded in the Talking-Pen before shipment. If upon tapping on the book logo, the Talking-Pen prompts "audio data not found" (未找到语音文件), you can download the audio file from our website and copy it into the ROOT directory. All the audible files are provided free.

Current EMOTI Talking-Pen has a built-in memory of 16GB and can work with more than 100 book titles.


Where To Download? 语音下载

The download link for the audio files are located in the book set description. 


Note the audio data files are compressed using 7z zip. Please descompress the downloaded .7z file. And then copy the .bnl files to ROOT directory of EMOTI Talking-Pen. 



Terms of Use: All the audio files are specially coded for use with EMOTI Talking-Pen. All rights reserved. Distribution of these audio files in any form is not allowed unless approved.



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